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Catching Up

Let it be recorded that Gingerbread House 2021 did happen! This year elves are busy at Mistletoe Junction, loading up their train, the Elf Express, with toys and candy. Per usual, everything is edible except the lights and the cotton "steam." The elves and roof are made from fondant, the railroad ties are Kit Kat bars, the track is licorice and the gravel is chia seeds, but most of it is just plain gingerbread, frosting and candy. I hope you enjoy my gingerbread indulgence!

Click here for a video, basically showing the same photos :)

Other recent JS Aitken Art events:

During the month of November, I exhibited at the Novi Civic Center.

In the month of December, a collection of paintings hung in Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea in Canton.

I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and have a fabulous 2022!


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