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Pixie Point Gingerbread House

If you have been wondering how I have spent the last two months, envision very little painting and a LOT of gingerbread creating! If you missed the LIVE EVENT on Monday evening, here are a few photos and a video of Pixie Point, my gingerbread house for 2020. I began it months ago and have been working on it steadily. Many people want to know how many hours, so I will just say straight up I don't know and leave it at that. Many. Hours. And much fun for me.

The video below shows the creation of Pixie Point from start to finish in a time-lapse ending with a photo tour of Pixie Point stores, town center and a few of its tiny residents. Pixie Point is the place the Pixies go to shop, attend school, or visit the library, topped off by an open-air market. There is a flower shop, pub, town hall, preschool, chapel and an art gallery, all within a tree stump. Tiny Pixies are busily attending to their day in various places in Pixie Point.

This year was the first year I decided not to include snow. I wanted to recreate a natural garden scene, since that's where Pixies live. There is a nod to Christmas decor, however, in some wreaths, holly leaves, and poinsettias. The construction is completely of edible items ranging from gingerbread to rice crispy treats to crackers and frosting. Let me backtrack and say the obvious - that the lights strung up through the stump are not edible!

I hope you enjoy the photos and video of Pixie Point as much as I enjoyed making it!

Slideshow of Pixie Point details (click on the arrow to the right of the photo to enable slideshow)


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