What about  JS Aitken?

Life beyond art...


Aside from my art, family life has been full and rich with four children (and the wonderful chaos that brings), marriage and my faith in God. On a less serious note, I love all things dark chocolate, almost anything sweet, oh... and Grey's Anatomy! Although the house is quieter now that the kids are all adults, I get to live "happily ever after" with my husband, a very lively fur baby fondly referred to as Oliver, and paint to my heart's content!

What I did before this....

My inspiration to become an artist grew from an interest in children’s book illustrations, drawn to both children and nature. Throughout the years, I worked in many different art media, watercolor being my primary focus, before streamlining in oil.

My professional art experience has encompassed book illustration, a bachelors in art with a certification in art education and teaching for a total of fifteen years, and attending graduate school. A year ago, I retired from teaching full time and set up my painting studio. 

Why I paint this way...


A great admirer of the line character found in woodblock printing and batik, I began to think in terms of bold lines when I transitioned to oil paint. For me, everything about oil paint seems bold and unafraid. These defined lines create their own structure in my compositions. They highlight and encase shapes, weaving together in intricate design, surprising in their harmony. Within the paintings is a semblance of order found in both nature and life.


Other Artful Exploits

Just for fun, I thought some of you may enjoy checking out the children's books I have illustrated or what I jokingly refer to as my obsession - gingerbread house making! If you click on either photo, it will take you to

separate pages highlighting these

artful exploits of mine!

Gingerbread Creations