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Time is Ticking

As if you needed reminding that Christmas is just around the corner! Nah, you have time for the Christmas stuff - Thanksgiving isn't even here yet! But time really is ticking for you to get over to either the Plymouth Coffee Bean or the St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brighton to see those displays. I will be dismantling both collections on November 30th - whew! Who made those arrangements?? And then I will be helping to take down the Visual Arts Association of Livonia Exhibit the following day. Crazy!

Art Display at St. Paul's in Brighton

When I go to St. Paul's to take down the collection, I will be bringing a new painting with me to hang with a montage of all the artists who have displayed with them in the past. Should be a really nice exhibit! That will be up until the end of February.

In addition to the church, another exhibit is going up at the Fine Arts Gallery at the Bennett Civic Center Library in Livonia. It will be a compilation of artwork by the Visual Arts Association's instructors and Board members (I fall into the board member category). This should be a great exhibit as well, lasting until the end of December.

To throw in another display for good measure in December, I'm joining with several local artists (Mullinax, Aho and Welton) to hang a display at the Sweetwaters Tea & Coffee Cafe on Canton Center Road in Canton. You may not realize that they have rotating art exhibits every month. Fun, right? I just hope I remember where my paintings are and when to pick them up!

That's December in a nutshell, as far as exhibits go, but I should mention that I'm gearing up for a solo show at the Huron Valley Council for the Arts in Highland, Michigan, titled Synthesis of Color & Light: A Stained Glass Effect. The paintings will be on display for two months - January and February. They are holding an artist reception on January 10 at 6pm. Put it on your calendar!

I showed you the portrait of Emily, my daughter-in-law, in the last blogpost, and I promised to show you my progression. Well, suffice it to say, I'm not finished yet - I was slowed down by other artwork that needed to happen as well as a visit to NJ to see family. So, here is what I have thus far on the portrait. Two coats of color have been applied to the figure, but I have finishing touches to do as well as another coat on the background.

And then, on a more personal note, the great-grandparents, a great-aunt, several close friends and an uncle saw grandbaby James in person for the first time on this trip to New Jersey. Here is the little stowaway!

Oh... and he's crawling now!!

Top Photo: Parishioners checking the exhibit at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brighton

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