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Kittygoyle as Promised

Kittygoyle: Study in Self-Control by JS Aitken

Kittygoyle: Study in Self-Control (18x24" oil on canvas) is ready to be seen, as promised last week. This is part of a "gargoyle" series, in which gargoyles or architectural details find their way into a stained glass window to create a new narrative. Check out Frogoyle: Escape from Washington Cathedral as well as Dragoyle: Anticipation.

I have been busy, busy, busy! Not only have I been up to my knees in oil paint and canvases, I also added a page to the website. Check out my new Artist Calendar page so you can stay informed about where JS Aitken art will be and when. The first event is coming up fast and furious! Just three weeks from now I will be setting up a booth at the Charleston-Mt. Pleasant Art Festival in South Carolina. We will be there May 26-27. This should be a fantastic weekend - if you live anywhere close, stop by and say hello!

For other paintings in this style, visit the website at

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