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The Birds! The Birds!

Okay - the title is just an attention grabber. The sweet little birds that have begun to appear outside my studio window cheerfully chirping and hopping bear no resemblance to the sinister birds in the Alfred Hitchcock classic film! And it is these little guys that make me smile when I watch them playing tag or flitting about the bird feeder. A few days ago, while we were preoccupied with overwhelming news of the virus, preparations for staying home, the possibility of illness, spring officially arrived. It always does. It is constant. It's reassuring. The delight of spring shows up in a passage from a simple poem about the seasons by Cecil Frances Alexander:

The fields are rich with daffodils, A coat of clover cloaks the hills, And I must dance, and I must sing To see the beauty of the spring.

To celebrate the shift from frozen ground to crocuses and daffodils peaking out of the ground, I thought you might enjoy a few paintings that included birds. If it is possible for you, turn off the news, shut your computer and take a walk. Close your eyes and listen for the birds and then look around for those beautiful signs of spring and new life. Take a deep breath. Be reassured.

This song was sent through Facebook and seemed to tie in, so I thought I would share it. Scroll down for the video! Pretty...


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