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Still Exhibiting!

This is certainly a crazy time - no less crazy since last I wrote, except some businesses have reopened! In the spirit of keeping you updated on all things JS Aitken Art, there are several places for you to experience some of my paintings if you are getting out and about. A body of my work has been hanging out at The Wooden Spoon since March, and now that it is open feel free to stop by at 675 W Grand River Ave, Brighton, and have lunch. They will be up until the end of July.

Just last week I hung a selection of paintings at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, at Canton Center and Cherry Hill, in Canton. So if you are in the neighborhood and fancy a scone or some coffee, or, better yet, you would like to see some of my paintings in person, they are open for business. Hope you can drop by!

Please stay healthy and safe and don't forget your mask!


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