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The Booth is Up!

Tomorrow is the first day of the the four-day-long Ann Arbor Art Fair. The booth is up, I'm tired, but everything is ready to go! I have about twenty-two paintings displayed, and quite a few new ones, I'm happy to report. My little booth is tucked between a jeweler and a wood burning artist - both with booths that appear to tower over mine for some reason - haha! Well, I figure what my booth lacks in stature it makes up in color. I am right in front of the HopCat restaurant, for those of you who know Ann Arbor.

The weather appears to be variable - one minute it's supposed to rain, the next clear. What is not variable is that there will be a lot of wonderful artwork for you to see! And one of the really fun aspects of an art fair is being able to talk to the artist and ask them questions about the art or their process. It's well worth the trip out!

Consider taking the shuttle from the Briarwood Mall or Huron High School ($3 round trip). I have always found that to be the easiest way to get into Ann Arbor during fair time! Here is the link to everything you need to know to make your visit enjoyable - click on my painting, Waves of Serenity:

Don't forget to visit JS Aitken Art on

Maynard Street near Liberty - Booth #311!

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