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Window of my Studio

What is your preferred atmosphere to work in? I love being in and painting in my studio. It's not large or fancy, but I have everything I need in there. I flip on the lights and Pandora, pour myself a cup of tea, set up my paints and get busy.

J Susan Aitken Art Studio

I especially enjoy it when the weather outside is extreme. By extreme I mean a wind storm, snowstorm or pouring rain. The quietness of the snow falling and piling up creating a white blanket. Or the rain bursting from the sky to pound noisily against the window. My love of a storm perplexes my father because he sees the potential hazards of the storm and the work after it's done its damage. I certainly don't want to be in the storm, and I certainly don't care to clean up the yard or shovel, but I do enjoy hearing and seeing it happen - especially from my studio. Last night the wind was whipping around outside, howling and gusting - even a bit frightening. I loved it!

Like most people, I also like it when it's just especially beautiful - sunny and balmy with birds singing, or the air is crisp and the autumn leaves are bursting with color. All this I can see and hear through the window of my studio! There is a peace that seems to fall on the space early to mid afternoon when the sun lowers and streams through the blinds. Sometimes I experience a tiny jolt of joy - it's as if all is well with my soul. And I suppose that's what it all boils down to - although I can't control the weather, I know that I am safe in my studio and all is well.

Lily of the Valley by JS Aitken

Last night, during the wind storm, I was finishing this painting. I used the Lily of the Valley again but in a different design. My plan is to paint a series of four - one for each season, same design but different flower. This, of course, represents spring. I am hoping to get another one done in time for the solo exhibit in March at the Livonia Fine Arts Gallery. If you are in the area, do plan to come to the artist reception on Thursday, March 7, between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. I would love to see you there!

For more information about the Solo Exhibit in March, click HERE.

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