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Artful Resolution

If you are one of those who makes New Year's resolutions, I have a great one for you to add to your list! Most adults would probably agree that being involved in creative activities is good for us. But let’s face it, some of us are drawn to our creative side more than others. Although there are many studies to indicate creative engagement is important in the growth and development of children, we don’t necessarily apply it to ourselves as adults.

It has been proven that art boosts self-esteem, provides a sense of accomplishment, improves memory and enhances problem solving skills. In addition, art is proving to have mental health benefits. The American Journal of Public Health published a review in 2010 titled “The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health.” The study went into depth about the positive health benefits of engaging in the areas of music, writing, visual art and dance. In the area of visual art the findings indicated a reduction of stress and anxiety, increased positive emotions, and a reduction of the likelihood of depression. And the added bonus? Besides being good for us, time spent doing creative things can be just plain fun.

So consider this… make an effort to do more creative things this year. It could be anything! Start a journal. Doodle in it! Try one of those coloring books for adults. Grab a friend and go to a sip & paint party. Visit an art museum and take a docent tour. Learn a new instrument (I know, a big one, but they say it’s a great way to stay sharp as you get older!). Take an art workshop. Learn how to knit. Take a nature walk with your camera and shoot some wonderful photos. Learn how to throw a pot on a potter’s wheel. Listen to music – dance to it! Write a story. Get out that album and start scrapbooking.

Express yourself in some way – do yourself a favor in 2019 and make a resolution to be more artful!! Oh, and it might just help to make you feel better when you realize you haven't addressed the rest of your resolutions!! :)

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