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It's Gingerbread Time Again!

It is definitely that time again - time to drag out the sketchbook, graph paper, ruler, gingerbread dough, oven mitts, frosting tips - you get the picture! And so that is why, when combined with a trip to South Carolina and another to New Jersey, I have not been in touch lately!

This year I kept the gingerbread house idea simple.

Originally, back in October, it was definitely not heading towards simple. I changed my mind and went with cozy and inviting; I had never tackled a log cabin, so it seemed like a good choice. It also seemed easy - in my head. In the great grand scheme of gingerbread masterpieces, it was low key for me... yet still took considerable time!

I went ahead and attempted the time-lapse video again this year- check it out!

My artwork is still up at the Coffee Bean in Plymouth until January and Angela Hospice in Livonia until February. Consider checking it out if you are near the Coffee Bean! I have several new paintings on the easel, waiting for me to finish Christmas decorating, shopping and baking! As soon as I have everything humming along I will share them with you! Until then, thank you for being a reader and following by art journey! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and many blessings for 2019!

2017 GINGERBREAD HOUSE - Old Mill Studio

2016 GINGERBREAD HOUSE - The Clock (Ignore the thumbnail - just click on it!! LOL)

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