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Lilies in Livonia

JS Aitken at the Visual Arts Association of Livonia Fall Exhibit 2108

October and November have been surprisingly busy for me in the art arena! In addition to the Canton Fine Arts Exhibit and the Coffee Bean Exhibit, I also had a couple paintings in the Visual Arts Association of Livonia Fall Art Exhibit. The show, at the Jack E. Kirksey Livonia Community Recreation Center, went up in October with some excellent work represented by the members of the art organization. Initially, it seemed to me as if a recreation center would not be a particularly great place for artwork; however, given the number of people who go in and out of the center on any given day for classes and workouts, a ton of people actually get to see the exhibit who might not ever go to a gallery or fair. So I say, great! Our juror was Adrian Devo, international artist and university lecturer and instructor. The exhibit will stay up until November 17th, so if you are in the area and want to check it out, you can bring your bathing suit... or rock climbing gear... or weight lifting clothes. You get the idea!

Kittygoyle: Who Me? by JS Aitken

Lily (above), 30 x 24",oil, and Kittygoyle: Who Me? (left), 18 x 24", are the paintings of mine in the Livonia Exhibit.

A new rotating exhibit of artwork, also through the Visual Arts Association of Livonia, is up at the Angela Hospice. VAAL and Angela Hospice have formed a community collaboration offering the artists an opportunity to display work and at the same time, providing Hospice family and guests the benefits of being surrounded by and viewing art. Two of my pieces, The Shepherd and Lifeboat are on display until the end of January. For obvious reasons, the exhibit is not open to the public, but hopefully it is offering a bit of joy to those who are there.

A note about the collection of work at the Plymouth Coffee Bean (below). I had indicated in a previous blog that it would be up only until the end of November, but because the manager is fond of the exhibit, she requested that it remain up for December and January! So plenty of time for you to stop for a cup of coffee... or a crepe... or a bagel. Are you seeing a pattern here?

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