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Evolution of a Triptych

I began this project several months ago with an April deadline in mind; that time frame came and went, but sure enough,

I attempted another time lapse video called Evolution of a Triptych by JS Aitken. It shows me working on my most current project - a triptych, which consists of three panels that function as one entity. Unwavering Love, 48x 84", is about the pelican's immutable love for her young. An ancient legend says that in times of famine the pelican will prick her breast with her beak to feed them her blood in order to prevent starvation. Other symbols of love are evident in the flowers throughout the painting: Bellflower - unwavering love; Cinquefoil - maternal love; Zinnia - lasting love of the heart and steadfastness; Bleeding Heart - unconditional love and compassion. The legend of the pelican has also been adapted by Christianity to symbolize Christ's sacrificial love for us. Although I like that the symbolism works either way, my original intention was to create a piece that is universal and crosses all nationalities, belief structures and races. Mothers love their children - they always have and always will. This piece is a colorful celebration of this!

Note: Click on the settings cog at the bottom right hand corner of the video, choose speed and make it 1.25 - or even 1.5!

The Midland Show

Annex Gallery, 333 Midland, Highland Park

September 28 - October 6

Artist Reception - Friday, September 28, 5-10pm All are welcome!

Gallery Hours - Monday-Sunday 10-6pm

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