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Next Stop - Birmingham

You heard it right! It's time to drag out the tent again! With September 15th just around the corner, the Birmingham Street Art Fair 2018 promises great artwork and a fun weekend. Not Alabama, by the way. This is Birmingham, Michigan, which is not far from my hometown of Canton.

Interestingly, this fair originally was called the Common Ground Art Fair. It's namesake, Common Ground, is a nonprofit resource helping youths, adults and families in crisis. Exhibiting artists donate artwork to a silent auction in a tent at the show; proceeds from the bids directly benefit Common Ground. Kind of a nice feature to the fair! Be sure to put it on your calendar for next weekend!

I have three new paintings for the fair. A lot of artists post photos or videos showing a painting or drawing being completed. For the most part, this painting called Ocean Blues is complete - only the edges need painting. The video does not show every step of the process - only when I remembered to take a picture! But I think there are enough for you to get the idea.

I haven't made the final decision on which direction I want it to be - in the photo, it is on the easel in a different direction than the video because it was easier to reach the area I was working on. In the video, I cropped all the photos and turned them so they are in the same direction, with the green design in the upper right. I am not sure which I prefer. What do you think? Let me know in the comment box! Enjoy the video clip!

Ocean Blues by JS Aitken

36x36" oil painting

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