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Sweet Gesture

Although the subject matter is not particularly seasonal, the sentiment in the story behind this painting holds up any time. Way back when the kids were young, I snatched them up, rented a Peugeot and embarked on a wonderful two and a half month journey to France.

Our home base was a beautiful apartment above a bank in a small town called Bellegarde. We had many adventures, but it was the kindness of a neighbor that invited this painting. The first of May is a holiday called La Fête du Travail, much like our Labor Day in the US. Interestingly, the French also practice a tradition that began in the Renaissance with Charles IX who offered Le Muguet to his subjects for good luck. Every May 1st, the French sell tiny bouquets of Lily of the Valley along the streets, and they are given to friends, neighbors and acquaintances. We had been there a month and, although living in France was fabulous experience, meaningful contact with the French had been somewhat limited. It was the warm hearted woman who lived in the apartment next to ours who knocked on our door who presented us with our first Le Muguet, and explained that it was for good luck. I will never forget that sweet gesture of friendliness.

Looking back through my photo albums of the trip, I discovered this watercolor sketch of the little bouquet tucked in between the pages!

Sweet Gesture: Le Muguet

12x12" Oil Painting

1.5" wrap around canvas

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