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Ann Arbor Countdown

Busy, busy, busy!! Or should I say I've been fairly busy? I have been working hard to prepare for the second art fair of my career, which is only one week away! As you will recall the first was in Charleston. This time I will be setting up only about a half hour away in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's one of the largest juried art fairs in the United States in that it combines four fairs into one. Truly you cannot see all the art in one day. It's a big deal and attracts a ton of people.

What has been keeping me so busy? Well, being new to this business of art fairs, all was not necessarily perfect the first time. Practically perfect, of course, but not quite. So I have been tweaking and painting. Painting, obviously, to replace that which was sold in Charleston. And tweaking the tent set-up.

This is one of the new paintings, called Geometric Blues, 12 x 12".

Three main changes to the booth set-up. I've added a long banner with my name, website and logo prominently displayed along the front of the booth. This should make it easier for you to find me!

Second, I've matted 8x10" prints of eight of my paintings. I began with eight as an experiment. They look great, so I'm excited about this addition.

And third, I am framing all the paintings so that the display appears more cohesive. Last time some were framed and some not. In all my paintings the image wraps around the edges, so a frame is not necessary and is personal preference. However, I love the frames (they are floater frames which allow a peek at the painted edges), so I am including them this time. If a customer would prefer not have the frame, I can remove it fairly easily.

Here is Jasmine Profusion as it would appear hanging on a wall. Notice the space between the canvas and the frame, allowing you to see the image wrapping around the edge.

Thinking back, I did not grow up with art fairs. I googled to find out when outdoor fine art fairs began and one was cited as far back as 1961 (in Toronto) and the Ann Arbor Fair apparently began in 1965. However, since I did not grow up in either Michigan or Canada, I can only assume that there weren't many in South Jersey. Even as a teenager I do not remember a fine art fair - craft fairs and bazaars, yes. Not the booths with fine art. And now a weekend doesn't go by in the summer without a fair somewhere nearby. I do hope you get a chance to come out to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It is a rare opportunity to see such a variety and large volume of artwork in one place - and to see the artists as well!

July 19-22

Thursday- Saturday 10am-9pm; Sunday - Noon-6pm

You can park and ride from Briarwood Mall, Pioneer High School and Huron High School. This is a great option if you are hesitant about trying to find parking! I have done it in years past and it's a great way to go.

Swing by North University Avenue, Booth #756, and visit my booth.

I would love to see you!

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