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Aitken Art Goes to Charleston

It's right around the corner! The long awaited foray into art festivals is about to commence. We pile up all the booth stuff (and there is a lot of it!) and leave Michigan for Charleston, South Carolina. The Charleston-Mt. Pleasant Art Festival is Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27. It is exciting to be doing this and meeting potential collectors face-to-face. Okay, truth be told, I'm a bit nervous. It is daunting to put your work out there and be standing just a few feet from your critics... fans? My homework on the ride there is to review what to say to customers. So much for my library book...

As a side note, my husband and I will also be visiting our daughters Liz and Sarah, and son-in-law Pravin, who live in Mt. Pleasant. Should be pleasant, if nothing else!

Liz will be displaying in a booth as well, which will make the event particularly special. Look for her on the local Charleston news on May 18th - she is being interviewed about the art festival!! Check out her encaustic work at

I am including a new painting this week because of its tie-in with South Carolina. To honor my very first fair location, I thought I would incorporate something from South Carolina. The beautiful yellow Jasmine and the little wren (which my mother calls an LLB - little brown bird) represent the state bird and flower. Of course, how many festival revelers will actually know that? Fair question. Perhaps only the third graders... At any rate, someone may actually just like the painting. It is titled Jasmine Profusion (24x18"). Stay tuned for more traveling news!

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