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Joyful Painting

Tangerine Joy

Happy Friday everyone! I was out of town this past week, visiting parents in New Jersey, and was able to put the final touches on two 8x10's - Crimson Pop (see March 29th blog) and this one.

It seems to jump off the screen, doesn't it? It is really bright! I'm sure it's the use of the contrasting colors that's creating that effect. I am titling this Tangerine Joy because it seems pretty orange to me and kind of happy also. It is part of the

8 x 10" series I'm painting for those who might like a small piece of work.

Next week I will be posting the art fairs and festivals I'll be participating in this summer. For sure, there will be three - I just haven't decided which ones. So stay tuned! It would be great to see some of you and for you to see my work in person. For now, have a wonderful weekend!

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