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Finishing Touch

It's always fun when something you have ordered arrives on your doorstep - isn't online ordering great?

Well, yesterday's truck brought some frames - I thought it might be a good idea to offer a frame with my work, or at least to show what the painting looks like framed. So I ordered a few sizes. Understand that to frame or not to frame is personal choice if the canvases are painted on the sides, like mine are. The edges become an extension of the painting, and many collectors choose to hang them on the wall as is- no frame. You certainly don't want to hide the edges, so what's the answer? It's called a floater frame - the canvas appears to float within the frame so that the edges of the canvas can still be seen. Since the frames do not require glass or backing, they are actually fairly reasonably priced for a basic black frame. So, truly, it boils down to preference!

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by Liz Aitken/Liz Aitken Art blog

Just for a Smile... or groan

Q: Why was the painting arrested?

A: Because it was framed.

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