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Hooked on Flowers

It's a rare person who doesn't love a beautiful flower - and they certainly abound in the wonderful world of nature. Very soon (March 20th, to be exact, if the calendar is to be trusted), we should start to see the beginnings of a fabulous season of bright greens, yellows, pinks, lavendars - a whole host of colors to remind us once again of the amazing cycle of life. A bit poetic, right? It is true, though, even if we don't articulate it; anyone who plods through a season of gray skies, snow, ice, blustery wind -did I say gray skies?- starts feeling lighter, happier, more optimistic somehow. The birds chirp, the bunnies poke their heads out, daffodils come up wherever they please - the outside simply appears to wake up. As I write this there are the spotty remnants of snow outside, the wind is rattling the windows, and it is only in the 20's, but I post this new painting Hooked on Flowers in honor of what is just around the corner - spring!

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