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Frogoyle visits Madonna

Well, we can always hope that the March idiom "comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" stays true to form, since the lion part certainly materialized yesterday. Yikes! It snowed like crazy here in Canton! I know because I drove in the thick of it to attend the opening reception for the juried art exhibit called Persistence that I blogged about last week. The exhibit is hung in the artist's gallery at Madonna University in Livonia and will be up until March 27. It's a group show with excellent pieces submitted by members of the Detroit Women's Society of Painters & Sculptors. Head on over there if you are in the area - just think, you would get to see ol' Frogoyle in person!

Below: This is me cornering a couple of unsuspecting Madonna students who seemed interested in in my work. Apparently they had an assignment to complete which involved the art exhibit. They hinted that they were going to include Frogoyle in said assignment (he is now famous in acadamia - how far he's come!). Oh, and I made them take a business card - LOL. Sigh. To have fans!

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