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Gingerbread Finale

Alas! The long awaited Old Mill Studio, my gingerbread house for 2017 is finally here. This year I decided to follow through with the time lapse video idea, something I have always thought would be fun. So I dragged the tripod up to the studio, then into the kitchen, then down to my old art space, then back up to the kitchen - and so it went. I tripped over it, fell into it, sometimes forgot about it - but here it is! I learned how to do it, which is no mean feat (of course your average seventh grader can probably do one, but hey, I'm no average seventh grader!!). At any rate, I think it's great fun, and only wish I had done it years ago!! Enjoy! Have a Merry Christmas!

Music: Let it Snow/Winter Wonderland by Piano Guys

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