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Gingerbread Hint 4

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations. I feel as if there are some things that if you don't have them done by now, you should probably just shoot for next year. That's how I felt about this gingerbread house - or at least how I felt about a week ago. So what has changed? Everything! I'm finally done! As of tonight - victory!

For anyone joining in at this point, let me assure you that this photo is not the finished piece. This, however, is a really big hint - you are sure to get it now! I am posting photos of my 2017 gingerbread house in-the-making and inviting you to guess what it is going to be. You are not too late, because no one has gotten it yet.

There are two parts to the theme, and the person who guesses either one first will win the great little notebook shown below. It has my latest painting Poinsettias on the front cover.

If you want another hint about what it will not be, check out past Aitken gingerbread houses on the website. Scroll down and take a stab at it in the Comments. Good luck!


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