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Aitken Gingerbread Hint II

Hello everyone! I hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly. Probably like you, I feel like I am juggling several different things at once! But alas, 'tis the season!

For those of you reading the blog for the first time, I have a little contest going on. I am posting photos of my 2017 gingerbread house in-the-making and inviting you to guess what it is going to be. There have been some really fun guesses so far, but no one has gotten it yet.

There are two parts to the theme, and the person who figures out both first will win the great little notebook shown below. It has my latest painting Poinsettias on the front cover.

If you want another hint about what it will not be, check out past Aitken gingerbread houses on the website. Scroll down and take a stab at it in the Comments. Good luck!

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