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The Gingerbread Reveal Commences!

Hello everyone! As promised, December 6th has brought you the first installment of the Aitken gingerbread house in the making! I am actually a bit further than this (thankfully!), but I need to keep a step ahead. It is going well so far, although oddly enough, all of my pieces shrank in the baking, which has never happened before. Have any of you experienced this? My thought is that it won't be a problem as long as all of them have shrunk. We shall see!

So now all you need to do is guess what you think the gingerbread house is going to be (hint: it will not be a repeat of past houses - go to the website to see what has already been done). There are really two parts to this gingerbread house theme - the first to guess both parts wins the notebook on the right with my painting Poinsettias on the front. You may make one guess per posted photo. Scroll down to the Comment box and I will get back to work!

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