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New Art for the Season!

Poinsettias oil painting by JS Aitken

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy as we plunge into this busy season! I've launched my holiday spirit by starting my gingerbread house and creating this special painting.

The Poinsettias painting reminded me of the beautiful sea of red and green across the front of the church at the Christmas Eve candle lighting service. I tried to create the natural color of the plants by incorporating some toned down greens. Poinsettias is also the first 11 x 14" painting in the collection. I hope you enjoy it!

JS Aitken's Clock gingerbread house 2016

I am working hard on the gingerbread house and will be ready to show the first "reveal" photo in my next post. In the meantime, I thought you might like a peek at last year's "house," which was not a house at all, but a clock. The collage below shows different views of it. The back was the little mouse's home and supply room. There were stairs going from the first to the second level. The clock really worked!

Other than lights, the time fixture was the only inedible part of it.

Another unusual aspect to it was that it was not attached to its base and could be moved, like a real clock.

For those who are reading for the first time, I will be "revealing" this year's gingerbread house little by little, and the first person to guess what it is, wins a prize. By the way, I decided to change the prize! It is now a soft-bound notebook with the new Poinsettias painting on the cover. Be sure to type in your guess in the comments section below the blog post. You can guess one time after each photo. I will post the first photo by December 6th, so stay tuned!

Click on the photo to link to a short video.

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