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Look Out - It's Gingerbread Time Again

I hope you are enjoying the new JS Aitken Art website!! I launched it yesterday and so when my husband came home, we went out for dinner to celebrate - honestly, any excuse will do, but this seemed legit! Sitting there waiting for the food, we, like most well adjusted couples, pulled out our phones to check out the long awaited website. At first it was fine - until I clicked on the "paintings" page and only two paintings showed up! Ahh! It had been fine on the computer! I was so disappointed - the celebration pizza turned to sawdust. Okay, a little dramatic, but all I wanted to do was to get home to my computer and figure out what went wrong. Fortunately, it was an easy fix!! Woohoo! I think that calls for a repeat celebration dinner! Please scroll down & join my mailing list so I can update you on new paintings, exhibits and special offers!

The Obsession

So what's going on with JS Aitken Art this week? Reading through my website, you might have noticed that I am a gingerbread house making junkie. I admit it, and my family will attest to it. However, because of busyness of the painting and the website, I've slacked on the gingerbread project - and I will pay for it!! The design should be completed and all the pieces baked by now, and there is not even a drawn design yet! Yikes! But maybe it's a good thing, because I came up with a great idea today! I have decided to run a little contest!

I am not going to reveal what the gingerbread house is going to be, but I will post photos of the gingerbread house in the making every so often, and you can submit a guess in the comments section. You may submit one guess after each photo is posted. The first person to guess correctly will receive a postcard with one of my paintings on it! So give me a few days and then be on the lookout!

I hope Thanksgiving is a time that you to get to spend with your family or friends, and that you take a moment to truly be thankful. I know that I am blessed beyond measure, and you are a part of that! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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