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As the artist, it is wonderful to hear feedback from

those who have invested in my artwork...

"I purchased two paintings from Susan. I loved the depth of the colors and the beauty and warmth of the composition. It's an exceptional blend of composition, rhythm and color manipulation. But what really drew me to the paintings are the feelings and emotions that it creates -- memories of softness, beauty and sunlight. I am enjoying Susan's vision of peace in my home."                                                                                          - Melanie Fagan


"So nice to hear from you, Susan! My beautiful painting of yours hangs prominently over our dining area, and I admire it every time I look up. It fits with our family so perfectly!"                                                                                                  - Sharon Robles

African Violet Test_edited.jpg

"African Violet looks great in our dining room!  We are enjoying the impressive contrast and shades of colors within the painting.  It is an excellent addition to our collection, and a work that we will always treasure!"                                              - Emily & Andrew                 

Kittygoyle test_edited.jpg

"[Kittygoyle: Anticipation] is now happily installed in my new ikea kitchen (also from Canton) in my old house. It joins my sister’s painting 'Veggies on Vacation.' A great addition - thank you!"                                                                                   - Martha Aills


"'Crimson Field' is safely planted in its new home and we are enjoying it so much!  Thanks for letting us 'adopt' it!"                                                  - Renee & Dave Bowers

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