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The little things in life...

So today when I probably should have been busily painting, I was thoroughly distracted. Two full baskets of apples were crying out to me. The apples were from a party we had just had with an autumn theme, and in the back of my mind was the thought to make apple butter. The apple butter, however, required that I attempt canning. I googled it, and all the reports (from canners) was that it was very easy and rewarding. So I began with the thought that I would just use a large pot that I had, use tongs with rubber ends - basically make this project work without buying any real "canning" tools. As I was searching high and low for something that would fit my pot so that the jars would not touch the bottom of the pot, I realized the five minute trip to Walmart might be well worth it. So that I did - bought the proper tongs, the wide-mouthed funnel, large pot with the rack. And voila! Ate up a good portion of the day working through the learning curve, but happily ended up with eight jars of apple butter! Only one did not pop, but we needed to try some anyway, so no loss! Tomorrow.... hmmm... applesauce! Apple crisp for dessert?

Now to get some painting done! I need to finish up a piece which I will show you next time I post. I am finishing up the wrap around edges!

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